Join Our Creative Team

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for people with the kind of creative skills that activists, non-profits, and grassroots movements need in order to get their message out there. That’s video-makers, graphic designers, photographers, web designers, musicians, audio producers, and more! We want to provide these organizations with as many creative options as possible, so that we can begin communicating outside the box.

What would you do?

We would connect you to interested and interesting creative clients. You and one of our Directors of External Relations would meet with these groups to develop campaign ideas with them. You, My Media, and this organization would co-develop this campaign from start to finish. 

Why should you join our team?

  • Create for good. You will work with organizations who are doing something positive for the community and the world. 
  • Be part of a creative community. We will have weekly community meetings where we can discuss ideas, show/critique work, and generally build a well-knit community of passionate creatives.
  • Build your portfolio. By working with many organizations through us, you get to build a dynamic portfolio of creative work. This kind of variety of form and context is a strong asset as a creative.
  • Build connections. By working with many organizations you are able to build many strong connections with local change-makers. Whether it be in the short or long term, these are the people who will reach out to YOU when they need more creative work done.
  • Get paid. We want to make impact and make sure our creatives are compensated for their time. We negotiate prices with our clients based on their mandate and capacity. We work with organizations that are often under-resourced, so our campaigns are often free or very low-cost. If working on a paid campaign, 60% of revenues will go directly to the creatives involved while 40% will go to My Media so that we can continue to grow, build, and create.
  • Practice. The only way to develop your skills, or learn new ones, is through practice. Use this opportunity to enter a state of excited accountability, and become a better creator.

Change the world through modern storytelling.

If you want to join our team, let us know! You can also view our portfolio, meet the other members of our team, or read about our beliefs and ideas.

Either indicate your interest through this form, email us at, or message us on Facebook. You can also keep up with us by signing up for our Listerv here.